Why Choosing Us?

It is user friendly and staff with minimum education competency can operate successfully.
The software is designed on database of Oracle and front end is Dot Net & C#(Language).Provision of customization and transferring facility to other database.

There are 3 Layer Architecture designs, 3 Layer security and strong Anti Hacking system.

Detect data tempering through enabled Audit Trail system.

Strong disaster recovery and data backup provision.

The software is designed on both offline and online opportunities.

Provision of hybrid and VPN facilities enable operation from anywhere at any time.

Implementation of MFIs & AIS automation successfully in a branch by 3 weeks as tested.

Why our software unique from others?

Branch wise Chart of Account Head Declare facility.
Multiple branch consolidated report for MIS (1,2,3).

Any day loan collection facility.

Branch and component wise cumulative opening facilities (MIS & AIS).

No need day opening and closing system. Single input, Single click then get your desire reports automatically.

Transactional data of MIS can transfer to AIS with verification.

All report can be generated any duration.

Special Features

100% compliance of PKSF & MRA guidelines including declining method.
Accommodation of customer’s need through customization facilities.

Auto calculation and generation of reports in five different formats for any date range any time.

Ensure transparency and accountability at all level.

Young talented IT personnel engaged in development and service delivery.

Quality assurance and control all time everywhere

Mobile and Tablet PC Application

MicrofinAnirbon is online and integrated software solution collection sheet now in Mobile Phone/Tablet PC.
PC Link has developed mobile apps with strong focus on collection sheet of Microfinance. It is amazing that a very low cost mobile set works for the purpose where even no access of electricity. It is applicable for any areas of data management.

Next additional feature:
Member admission, Loan disbursement, Savings refund (the preparations are under way to begin develop on it).