Software can be run in any browser at a very low internet connectivity.



Most of the banks/ financial institutions in the world use ORACLE Database to secure their confidential data. Following their footprints we also use ORACLE on Linux server to make it even more secured. Role based operation is strictly maintained and all transactions are encrypted.



As per client need software can be customized.



It is the only system to have Field officer level permission.



You can resolve all the error member wise/samity wise. No need to delete all the previous transaction.



You like to have an online solution but you have some branches which are out of network coverage. Then this solution is for you. Branch manager can operate their branches in offline but uploads data online in daily/weekly/monthly basis. Both offline and online branches
consolidate after the month end.



It supports Multilanguage mode which enables Bengali version.



You can take collection Anyday in the week. Also can collect Everyday operation as like Co-Operative Society.



You don’t need to export report after month consolidation. The solution enables you to export report any time in any range. It gives you more control to monitor your organization at any time.



We migrate all your conditional existing data to our system without any cost.



Client can have their own data hosted in their own server with following features- Access to database — Control and monitoring over Data — Customized Report Generation.



By Default Oracle keeps every single operation in the database in Audit server. In addition we keep- Posting Status — Insert Trail — Delete Trail — Update Trail — Login Logout Trace.



You can end up your organization on transaction base or Day base.



You can also consolidate some of your branches as per audit requirements.



All the MIS vouchers are auto generated and transferred on day end.

PKSF Report:

    1. 1. POMIS-1
    1. 2. POMIS-2
    1. 3. POMIS-3
    1. 4. POMIS-4
    1. 5. POMIS-5
    1. 6. POMIS-5a
    1. 7. POMIS-6
    1. 8. POMIS-7

MRA Report:

    1. 9. MRA 1
    1. 10. MRA 2
    1. 11. MRA 3A
    1. 12. MRA 3B
    1. 13. MRA 4A
    1. 14. MRA 4B

AIS Report:

    1. 15. Chart of Accounts
    1. 16. General ledger
    1. 17. Consolidated Ledger
    1. 18. Receipt Payment
    1. 19. Income Statement
    1. 20. Balance Sheet
    1. 21. Trial Balance
    1. 22. Cash Flow Statement
    1. 23. Cash/Bank Statement

AUDIT Trail:

    1. 24. Audit Trail Updated
    1. 25. Audit Trail-Deleted
    1. 26. Login Logout Trace
    1. 27. Posting Status
    1. 28. Import Export

Register Reports:

    1. 29. Admission Register
    1. 30. Loan Disbursement Register
    1. 31. Full Paid Register
    1. 32. Subsidiary Loan Savings (Group)
    1. 33. Subsidiary Loan Savings (Member)
    1. 34. Savings Refund
    1. 35. Balancing Register (Group)
    1. 36. Balancing Register (Member)
    1. 37. Loan Recoverable Register
    1. 38. Withdraw Register
    1. 39. Refund Register
    1. 40. Rebate Register
    1. 41. Loan & Savings Register

Collection Sheet:

    1. 42. CS-weekly
    1. 43. CS-Monthly
    1. 44. CS-with Service Charge
    1. 45. CS-Monthly with Recoverable
    1. 46. CS-Posted
    1. 47. CS-Posted-2
    1. 48. CS-Summary

Regular Reports:

    1. 49. Repayment Schedule
    1. 50. Field Worker Report
    1. 51. Branch Wise Working Area
    1. 52. Loan Proposal
    1. 53. Collection Group List-Day wise
    1. 54. Member Transfer
    1. 55. Loan Recoverable
    1. 56. Full Paid Loan Register
    1. 57. Savings Refund
    1. 58. Savings Interest Calculation
    1. 59. Savings Program Weekly
    1. 60. Credit Program Summary
    1. 61. Savings Collection and Due

Management Reports(BO):

    1. 62. MIS Summary
    1. 63. Group List
    1. 64. Employee List
    1. 65. Opening Loan
    1. 66. Member Check in Savings
    1. 67. Member Check in Loan
    1. 68. Savings Balance-Member
    1. 69. Data Error Checking
    1. 70. Purpose Wise Disbursement
    1. 71. Loan Report-Component
    1. 72. Holiday Report
    1. 73. Overdue Member List
    1. 74. Loan Loss Provision

Management Reports(HO):

    1. 75. Range Wise-Disbursement
    1. 76. Range Wise-Outstanding
    1. 77. Range Wise-Overdue
    1. 78. Range Wise-Compulsory Savings
    1. 79. Range Wise-Voluntary Savings
    1. 80. Range Wise-Other Savings
    1. 81. Business Policy
    1. 82. Income Generating Activity
    1. 83. Savings Report
    1. 84. Ratio Analysis
    1. 85. Loan Report

Graphical Report:

    1. 86. Admission Register
    1. 87. Audit Trail Delete
    1. 88. Audit Trail Update
    1. 89. Meeting Day wise Samity
    1. 90. Gender wise samity
    1. 91. Field officer wise samity
    1. 92. Designation wise employee
    1. 93. Branch Monitoring
    1. 94. Date wise Loan Disbursement
    1. 95. Samity wise loan disbursement
    1. 96. Component wise loan disbursement
    1. 97. Sector wise loan disbursement
    1. 98. Field officerwise Loan Collection
    1. 99. Recoverable and Recovered difference
    1. 100. Date wise Savings Refund.
    1. 101. Samity wise savings Refund

Graphical Dashboard

Dashboard is a real time interface which is shown in both mobile and tab. It gives a nice presentation to management to monitor their all branches and head office from any place. They can also see historic data. We also have Bengali version of Dashboard which helps to understand. Dashboard is a mirror of your whole organization activity. In management information systems, a dashboard is “an easy to read, often single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot) and historical trends of an organization’s key performance indicators to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance.

  • Save time in comparison of multiple reports.
  • Measure collection and recovery Rate.
  • Visual representation of All data.
  • Enables to take quick action.
  • Helps to take strategic action
  • Gain organization goal.


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach of laying-out and coding a website such that the website provides an optimal viewing experience. ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing,Planning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).Now-a-Days Software responsiveness is a major issue for clients. This enhances user friendliness of a software. user can roam “Microfin Anirban ” in any device in any size. Forget that old desktop based software where you only have to work in a fixed. Roam around and have the fun of “Microfin Anirban ”.

  • Can run in any Device.
  • Side by side work/multiple works.
  • Field and font adjustment as per Device size.
  • Excellent user experience.
  • Very easy to manage.

Daily Report Monitoring

  • Show both data and Graphical format.
  • Report to Head office over mobile.
  • Reduce error by 90%.
  • Export to 10 different format.

Bengali Version Report

Can email and send it to management for approval.
Full Bengali font.
Calculative field shows in Bengali.
Enables to take quick action.
Export and view in Mobile.
Paper costing is reduced.

Centralized Database Structure

PC Link: Follows PKSF regulations for Centralized Database management Structure. Microfin Anirban structured for “ALL NGO in one umbrella” One organization can share data with other organization if needed. Member overlapping can be checked with other organization also. Clustered server model is enabled.

Other Company: Centralized only for a specific organization.


PC Link: Microfin Anirban follows 3 layer Architecture in MVC 4. Any layer can be modified as per client need. It can also share multiple databases. This Architecture gives high security in Application. Any unauthorized access can be traced and robust action is taken by system automatically.

Other Company: Follows 1 layer Architecture.

Operation Process:

PC Link: Microfin Anirban database is structured in such a way that it can be operated in 3 processes.

      • Online: Branches are in good network coverage.
• Offline: Branches are in out of network coverage.
• Hybrid: Some branches are online but other branches are out of network. Those branches data can be exported to online server in daily/weekly/monthly format.

Other Company: Single technology (Online or Offline). Hybrid technology is not enabled.

Client End Hosting Model

PC Link: Centralized Hosting/Cloud Hosting/MFI own hosting. Can be exchanged anytime.
Other Company: Client is not permitted to have their own hosting. Vulnerable for data security.


PC Link: Uses powerful SAP crystal Reports which enables users to create analytical reports.
Other Company: Uses HTML/SSRS reporting.

Data Looking Process

PC Link: Both Day End and transactional End.
Other Company: Only Day End.

Collection Sheet Entry page

PC Link: Attendance/Loan Collection/Savings Collection/Savings Withdraw/Refund/Rebate/Write Off/ Partial posting in one page.

Other Company: Attendance /Loan Collection/Savings Collection in one page.

Filtering Option

PC Link: “Microfin Anirban” uses Telerik Kendu filtering (database condition and export).

Other Company:Uses Default Searching criteria.

Audit Trail

PC Link: Add, Edit and Delete trace out with Detailed report. It enables to figure out which user has edit/ deleted how much amount.
Other Company:Only trace. No Details.

Access Permission

PC Link: Head Office/Zone/Area/Branch/Samity/Field officer level permission.
Other Company: HO/BO level permission. Selected branch permission is not allowed

Document Archive

PC Link: Manual Data can be uploaded in different area which reduces risk of branch operation.
Other Company: No data achieve option. Risk for data security.

Apps Devices

PC Link: Mobile Apps supports all devices like android, windows and IOS etc.
Other Company: Supports only in Android.