HRM Software is developed to help the management and concern personal to enter operational data and maintain thereafter for standard Human Resource Management. This Software is to reduce many of the unnecessary process that are in action, thereby decreasing overhead costs. HRM Software provides several Tools That Help the human resource management team to update the daily processes and to automate the manual processes. This software provides the need based tools to make human resource department more efficient and organized.


• Office Information
• Office Setup
• Geographical Location
• Working Area
• Designation
• Office Order Type
• Pay Scale Setup
• Employment Type
• Leave Type
• Training Type
• Training Name List
• Religion
• Professional Type
• Blood Group
• Address Type
• Relation type
• Blood Group
• ACR Indicator
• Release Cause Type
• Income Source Type
• Expense Type

Front-end (Application Interface)
ASP Dot Net, Java Script, J Script, Ajax, Crystal Report, J Query.

Back-end (Database)
Oracle 10g R2 & 11g R2, MySQL

Application Server OS Platform
Windows 2003, 32 and 64 Bit

Database Server OS Platform
Linux Red Hat Enterprise 64 Bit

Database Structure

• Multi-tier database system facility
• Centralized and decentralized both operational facility exist
• Interface adding and removing facility
• Database transferable to any other database moreover if clients need they can customized database
• Data transferring facility to other database also with provision of data transfer from one PO to other PO.
• Multi-layer security system facility

Architecture and Design

3 Layer Architecture Design
• Application Server
• Database Server
• Report Server

Multi parameterized operation

• With service charge and without service charge
• Date, date range and monthly
• Component wise that depends on client’s business policy (every day, weekly, quarterly, monthly, half yearly, yearly)

Audit Trail System

Insert and Update Audit Trail Enabled.
It can easily detect that which user data upgraded or deleted by audit trail system.

Disaster Recovery

1. Logical (DMP)
2. Rman Backup
3. Redundant Server

Data Backup

• Everyday keep data back up in real in on our UK and PC link own server.
• Data Guard and Cluster Backup System
• Also has three other location for everyday data bacck up.
• Back up system also available on the organization level

Hybrid System/ Access point

• Support both online as well as off line system.
• Initial data can posting on off line then migrate it to online after the certain time

Report Consolidated Architecture

• Head Office level consolidated report
• Zonal Office level consolidated report
• Area Office level consolidated report
• Branch Office level report
• Field Worker level report
• Samity wise report
• Management level report
• Various type of analytical report


• Date range wise report viewing system
• Branch, Samity, Field worker, Component, Lone No, Member Id, Amount Range can generate with setting parameter according to the report type.
• All report are generated by service charge and also separate service charge and principal
• All report are generated Branch, Samity and Field worker wise Date Range, Principle, Principle with Service charge and Component wise.
• Declining/ reducing method has been incorporated in the software

Report Convert/Export

Convert to PDF, RPT, Text, Excel & Word


• MIS to AIS needs just a single click
• Any type of Database

Data Cleaning Facility

• Data clearing facility if needed
• Report cross checking facility

Anti-Hacking Policy

1. Firewall
2. Application Layer
3. Database Security

Security Layer

3 Layer Security
Step-1: Firewall Layer
Step-2: Application Layer
– Organization Authentication
– User ID Authentication
– User Type Authentication
– Branch Access Authentication
Step-3: Database Security

Report List:

1. Code Book
2. Division and Unit Information
3. Employee PROFILE
4. Employee’s Training Information
5. Employee Information
6. Employee Information(Format-2)
7. Employee Information(Format-3
8. Employee Information(Format-4)
9. Monthly Manpower Information
10. Management Unit List
11. Project and Drop-in-Center Information
12. Employee’s Release Information
13. Daily Attendance Sheet Review Statement
14. Employee’s Educational Information
15. Employee’s Increment Information
16. Employee’s Leave Information
17. List of Probationary Employee
18. Employee’s Transfer Information
19. Gratuity Statement
20. Manpower Information
21. Designation Wise Manpower List
22. Management Unit Wise Staff Closing
23. Management Unit Wise Staff Closing(Format-2)