Our History

Starting Of Our Journey

The knowledge and information revolution began at the turn of the twentieth century and has gradually accelerated in the world. Now information system has been progressively replacing manual with automated work procedures, flow and process. Most of the organizations especially microfinance institutions (MFI) have been moving towards and practicing, modern automated system in their information flow and management. Information Technology has introduced remarkable changes in the field. PIPL Career Solution inaugurated itself to enrich the changes and working to keep its continuity. The institution has been providing essential services to its honorable clients since 1994.

Hardware specialization

Now we are specialized on hardware. We give hardware support in all over the country. Every type of hardware works and consultant is given here.

Primary skill

We are heading towards to get us acquainted with the world of software. We are now one of the leading industry in NGO market. We are making R&D to solve every issue of NGO.

Our very first software

Firstly, We have invested for ”MicrofinAnirban” as a Microfinance Online Solution (MIS & AIS).Then we make our own marketing and development team. They have organized the software in an easy manner. Monthly we server our own investigate team to report about our software.


  • With the help of this software NGO Can easily operate their management system.
  • MinrofinAnirban is a package of software for overall management of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).
  • MicrofinAnirban covers all aspects of MFI’s management from the field level to the office level.

One step Ahead

In 2013 we have made ‘Solar Management and Information System’. We have gone through some surveys and finally selected the requirement to develop this software. By piloting Solaren foundation we have reached our destination of making this full proof software. We have also gave them professional training on this course so that they can operate the software in a good manner.


  • Any solar company can operate their management with this software.
  • Company can get their yearly and monthly report which they have to submit in IPCOL.

PIPL Career Solution

After a long time we have finally get back to our own training institute. We have been giving in-house training for 10 years. Acquiring specialized knowledge now we are looking forward to educate all corporate person and also non-corporate person corporately.

PC Link has started developing their “Microfin Anirban” Mobile Apps for Offline Entry. Analyzing present situation there are many places where internet
services are still not feasible. Even Field Officer will now be able to entry directly in time to collection from Group.

Already 80% client of “Microfin Anirban” are submitting PKSF reports directly from the software. We are honored to have such good clients with us for a long time.
PC Link has started developing Education software for Al Hidyaah, Chittagong. Analyzing their business PC Link and Radiance IT Has jointly started developing the software. After 6 Month We will go for mass marketing.

Board of Director

M.M Masood Ahmed